Want to Sell Your Private Number Plate? Here’s What to Do


You may have any number of reasons why you want to sell your private number plate. Maybe you’ve simply grown tired of it or perhaps the plate doesn’t have any significance to you any longer. Regardless of why you want to sell your private plate, it’s always a good idea to start the process by finding out how much your plate is worth.

Get a Number Plate Valuation

Knowing how much your registration plate is worth can seem like a daunting task. There are actually a few factors that are taken into account to determine a plate’s value like:

  • How many number or characters it has
  • Age of the plate
  • The style of the plate

You can get a number plate valuation quite easily online as there are websites out there that offer the service for free.  On such a site, you typically just have to enter your registration number and fill in a few details. It’s good to know that the typical sites that offer free private number plate valuations are dealers who in the business of buying and/or selling these plates. This means you may end up seeing an offer from a website once you’ve completed the valuation process.

Know the Regulations

If you’re not familiar with the laws and regulations regarding the sale of private reg plates, here’s a quick run-down. You’re allowed to transfer a private number plate if it’s on a vehicle that’s taxed and tested or on a valid retention certificate. It can also be transferred to a SORN vehicle if it’s been on that vehicle for under one year.

Decide How to Sell the Plate

Assuming that the number plate you have is on a valid retention certificate and not a vehicle, you have a few options for selling your plate including:

  • Selling it yourself by advertising it in a local newspaper ad
  • Listing it for sale at an online marketplace like Ebay
  • Working with a private number plate dealer

The easiest selling method is through a dealer.  Sure, the dealer will earn a commission, but they’ll also do all the advertising and transfer work for you.

It’s difficult to sell your private number plate. Just play by the rules and choose the selling method that’s right for you!

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