What Makes Personalised Number Plates So Valuable?


If you are familiar with personalised number plates, it’s safe to assume that you’ve run across some of the outrageously high valuations of some of these plates. Maybe you’ve seen stories on the news about huge amounts of money changing hands when buying and selling unique private number plates.

There are some personalised plates that have sold for hundreds of thousands of pounds, believe it or not! For example, in 2014, “25 O’ was sold to Ferrari dealer John Collins for a cool £518,000. Wow!

If you’re the curious type, maybe you’ve wondered why some of these plates are so valuable. Here’s a quick run-down to help you understand why some of these plates fetch big money.

Several Factors Raise the Value of Personalised Plates

There are several factors that push up the value of personalised number plates including:

  • Manufacturing dates before 1963; older plates are worth far more than newer plates
  • Plates with popular first names
  • Plates with popular initials
  • Plates with clear replicates of words as opposed to plates that are hard to figure out what is being stated
  • Plates with few meaningful characters as opposed to plates with many characters

Private Plates Will Continue to Be Popular

Considering how wildly popular personalised number plates are, it’s more than likely that these plates will continue to be popular for many years to come. Drivers love pimping out their vehicles with private personalised plates that turn heads wherever they go. People in the UK are crazy about their vehicles and enjoy customising them. There’s no better way to put a classic customised look on a car than by adding an eye-catching personalised number plate.

It’s Easy to Find Private Number Plates for Sale

If you’re considering buying a personalised number plate, you can find these plates for sale online at sites like Ebay and from licensed private plate dealers. You can also find plates for sale in local newspapers and in special automotive magazines.  When you find the personalised plate you’d love to own, it’s just a matter of paying for it and filing out some paperwork, then the plate’s all yours to cherish and show off!

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