Why and How to Sell a Private Number Plate


Personal number plates are big business today. Every day across the UK there are thousands of transactions happening with personalised number plates. A private number plate is something that can take a driver’s appreciation of their car to an entirely new level.

If you happen to have a private number plate that many people would love to own, it could be worth a whole lot of money. Some of the most sought-after private number plates are worth hundreds of thousands. That’s why you should consider selling your number plate if it’s nothing you necessarily want to hold onto. Who knows? That private number plate could end up making you a rich individual!

Check Your Options for Selling Your Private Number Plate

If you do decide to part with your private number plate, there are several ways you can go about selling it including:

  • In a newspaper or auto magazine ad
  • In an online auction
  • Via a direct sale with an acquaintance
  • Through a licensed number plate dealer

Of all the options above, the easiest method for selling private reg plates is through number plate dealers. A top-notch dealer won’t just let your plate sit on a shelf and gather dust. Rather he/she will actively promote your plate in order to get it sold. You also can expect a great dealer to price your plate correctly so that you end up getting the most money you can.

Find Out What the Value Is

When you’re about to sell your private reg plate, you should first find out what your plate is worth. This way, you won’t be swindled by a dodgy private buyer or conned by an unscrupulous dealer. To get a good idea of your plate’s value, look around the web for a private number plate valuation service. Just be prepared for a surprise. Your number plate could be of very little value if it features many characters. This is because the fewer characters on a plate, the higher the value, generally speaking. On the other hand, if your reg plate has only a few meaningful characters, it could be a real money-maker for sure!

Now that you know your private number plate could fatten your wallet, it’s time to get out there and advertise your plate so you can get it sold!

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