Will the DVLA Buy My Personalised Number Plate?


When private number plate dealers check how their sites are ranking in Google, they often type in a query like “how to sell my number plate”. They then see suggestions from Google that ads “to the DVLA” at the end, which tells them that people are searching for it. If you’re wondering if the DVLA will buy your personalised number plate, the answer is “No”.

The DVLA issues new registrations for vehicles and also holds and sells the stock of all cherished registrations that have never been issued to vehicles. They simply don’t buy private number plates so don’t even ask.

Where You Can Sell Your Personalised Number Plate

Now that you know the DVLA won’t buy your personalised number plate, you’re probably wondering how you can get rid of it and make some money. Here are the two best options you have for selling your private plate.

Go Through a Dealer

You can easily find a private number plate dealer online that lets you advertise your plate for free. However, once your plate is sold, the dealer will get a nice chunk of your profit which may be around 30 percent. This is called a commission and it’s perfectly legal. So if you won’t mind selling to someone that will make a commission off the sale of your private plate, go ahead and use a dealer.

Sell Your Number Plate on Your Own

When you sell your private number plate on your own, you’ll get the full asking price. You will also enjoy the fact that you’ll be in full control. For instance, it will be you who sets the asking price and makes the arrangements with the buyer, not a dealer. You can sell your plate privately in several ways like:

  • Listing your plate on Ebay

  • Advertising your plate in newspapers and auto magazines
  • Making social media posts advertising your private plate

Of the three options above, the Ebay option does come with a catch or two. You will have to pay a listing fee and then a final value fee of around 10 percent once your plate is sold. So you won’t walk away with the full amount you sold your plate for. However, since Ebay is large and very popular, you have a good chance of getting your plate sold quickly and at a fair price.

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