Will the DVLA Buy My Personalised Number Plate?

When private number plate
dealers check how their sites are ranking in Google, they often type in a query
like “how to sell my number plate”. They

Why and How to Sell a Private Number Plate

Personal number plates are big business today. Every day across the UK there are thousands of transactions happening with personalised number plates. A private number

What Makes Personalised Number Plates So Valuable?

If you are familiar with
personalised number plates, it’s safe to assume that you’ve run across some of
the outrageously high valuations of some of these plates.

What makes people get personalised number plates?

A good look at the few Hollywood movies
that you might have seen involving cars would involve the use of personalised
number plates. There is a certain

Want to Sell Your Private Number Plate? Here’s What to Do

You may have any number of reasons why you want to sell your private number plate. Maybe you’ve simply grown tired of it or perhaps